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The AFLEX brand is built on pan-Africanism, and like many leaders who share this philosophy, AFLEX is strongly committed to creating a future for Africans, by Africans. We decided to center the brand around the principle of engaging those that align with that mindset positioning, - the ‘Change Seekers.’  


The academy has approached its branding with a distinct sense of looking ahead under the strategic framework of "Our Continent. Our History. Our Leaders’. With this, we started by looking back at the many instances throughout our history that helped shape who we are today. 


From the battle of Adwa to the fight for the independence of African nations, we wanted to tell the story of African leaders and their legacies. What better way to achieve this than generating a framework around teaching the youth that is worth leading Africa forward?

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With this framework, we wanted to tell the story of  AFLEX. AFLEX is born out of the continuing legacy, passion, and spirit of Ethiopia and Ethiopians for the growth and development of Africa. This was a critical part of our positioning and strategy.

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