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Repi is a well-known detergent manufacturer in Ethiopia. They are a formidable force regarding product quality and brand name prestige. Their most popular and desired product is Ajax. They have previously faced challenges such as effectively communicating product features to their consumers, one of which is potency.

Ajax Product design.jpg

So, when Ajax approached us with the desire to demonstrate the ability of a single drop of Ajax to clean a variety of kitchen appliances, we went ahead and made that the center of our insight for the campaign. Then we took it further and decided to include it in the tagline. And we are confident that our chosen tagline has accurately conveyed the quality and, more importantly, the potency.


Our main thought process during this campaign was to effectively communicate Ajax's values to the target audience, which we determined to be people who wash a large number of eating appliances regularly. We believe the mountain of dishes depicted in the TV commercial portrayed and communicated our desire for perfection.

Needless to say, in keeping with our name and brand, we made certain that the production quality is of the highest caliber possible, employing the most qualified and talented production team Berry has to offer. We moved on to different adaptations for different interesting and informative print ads after the TVC was a smashing success.

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