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75 Years of Excellence

An Anniversary celebration for any company is pivotal in highlighting its progress and future outlook. When that company is the continent’s leading airline and a treasure of the nation, the pressure becomes so much more. 


We have worked with Ethiopian Airlines in the past, most notably when the “Spirit of Africa” narrative was communicated in Africa-centric visuals for the calendar in use by the airlines. Hence, we were very excited to be brought onto this project to execute a campaign for video and static communications for the 75th Anniversary. 

Ethiopian Advertising for a truly Ethiopian Aviation Company was our starting point with respect to strategic and creative brainstorming. We strived to make the backbone of the campaign stand out for what would become an emblem of the nation’s spirit. 


We took the brand’s icon and transformed it into something fitting of the occasion. We paired the icon with a simple message of being a timeless brand. The Airlines has been present with professionalism and greatness every single year of our existence - “75 Years of Excellence.”

Now, with respect to the execution, we focused on two of our outlets to communicate two messages - “International Presence” and “Professional Service”. 


To communicate the airlines’ exponentially growing presence throughout the world, we looked to the destinations that are iconic - with respect to gravitas. After developing location-centric models for the icon, we ended up producing this video that we aimed to hit home the message. This video was broadcast on outlet ATL channels as well as on the airlines’ digital screens and in-flight packages. 

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