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St. George
Patriot's day


BGI Ethiopia | St. George

May 5 is a day Important 
To Ethiopians from all over. 
The second world war running its course.
At the frontline of our battles
Stood firm against the occupier enemy
The patriots. 
Through their bravery and warrior zeal.
They defended Us,
Freedom of the people.
Freedom of the Land.

At the moment, 
As we celebrate May 5, 
The patriots of today,
Born of the same blood,
Of the same warrior spirit,
Wear a different shade of armour. 
Equipped with knowledge and bravery,
They step onto today's frontliners.
Showing us that,
Through thick and thin, 
They will be by our side.

They are our Health workers. 
Who toll day and night,
So that WE get to have a tomorrow.
Breath another day.

We set to show our appreciation
This 5th of May.
Carrying the idea of them on the battlefield,
We put to place our vision.
Of Warriors that have always been there.
Since the beginning.
Warriors that never give way.
For giving way means death.

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