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Beer and football have consistently been recognized as an inseparable duo, offering an unmatched experience of savoring a cold brew while rooting for your favorite team. However, our love for the sport goes beyond just refreshment. Football has been an integral part of Ethiopian culture, with many of us sharing the joy of playing and watching the game with our loved ones.

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We acknowledge the unique connection between football and the product. We have recently taken our partnership with Dashen Beer to the next level by being a bridge between Dashen Beer and Arsenal FC.  With the team’s top players as faces for the brand, we showed that this association not only allows us to celebrate our shared passion for the sport but also enables us to engage with football enthusiasts on a more profound level.

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We used the term “ሳብ ግጥም” as the perfect brew of wordplay and subtlety, designed to capture the essence of the beloved drink while paying homage to the sport that brings us all together. We've coined a euphemism - a phrase that encapsulates the act of savoring our beer in a fast and furious manner. Simply put, we wanted to convey the beverage's irresistible allure in a clever and evocative way. And what better way to do so than by linking the worlds of football and beer, two passions that are as inseparable as they are intoxicating? 

Dashen took pride in having our brand represented by such a renowned and revered team. This partnership aims to connect with consumers on a deeper level and celebrate the rich culture and history of Ethiopian football. As you enjoy the game, Dashen Beer invites you to relish its refreshing and satisfying beer.

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