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At Berry, we see ourselves as the farmers of branding and identity. Just as the farmer changes a small, insignificant seed into a flourishing agricultural masterpiece, we are known for prominent projects that are eye-opening and memorable. And we accomplished this with a style and grace that were unmatched by anyone. We make it seem so simple that it appears that we complete every task as if we were asleep. 


This is also capped by our award-winning work and our renowned list of clients, which not only include the leading names in banking but also the biggest beverage distributor in Ethiopia, making us a force to be reckoned with. And as we near our tenth year in the market, Berry remains a leader in all things advertising.

The idea behind the campaign started with the concept of mastery. Mastery of craft is sought after by all. but few are able to attain it. We showed our mastery by being pioneers of most, if not all, of the advertising trends that came about in the last 7 years.


With this campaign, we wanted to showcase the mastery of our craft, but with a local twist. ‘ጥርሳችንን የነቀልንበት’ is an Amharic term that has been used by many people since the beginning and has a similar meaning in English to pointing out that we ‘Do it in our sleep’. We took a term used to describe the mastery of a craft and applied our own unique touch to it.

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The involvement in the campaign ranged from the CEO to the junior creative director, even in execution. In the execution of the campaign, we used billboards as the means of communication, which has never been done to this scale and extent by a creative agency.

Berry has always been a trendsetter when it comes to the field of advertising and branding. We were the one agency to push creativity and out-of-the-box thinking in many sectors and adapt their marketing strategy to today's market and culture.  It is true that we take inspiration from pop culture to create virality. But in the rarest of times and in the most special of moments, WE ARE the ones that make pop culture.

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