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Doppel Beer prides itself as the first brown beer in Ethiopia and as the true emblem of bold taste. Doppel launched in the aftermath of the pandemic as lots of businesses opened throughout the country which made it even more of a necessity. 

Having done the launch campaign for Doppel Beer, we looked to maintain the conversation around the brand by executing several thematic and tactical visuals to have a homage to the target audience and their resilient nature.

So when Doppel  wanted to communicate the product’s quality across the country digitally, we thought of a brown drink that is well-known in Ethiopia. So we wanted Doppel Beer to show itself being a brand that represents the traditions and believes in merging the old with the new. So we took the process of making a prominent drink in Ethiopia called “Tella”. We took the process of making “Tella” to represent Doppel as it has a similar look to Doppel. The process in itself could be sold as the process to Doppel. We wanted it to represent the continuity of tradition and the roots of brewing drinks in Ethiopia.


So the story was concerned with the brewmasters and showed how much effort and attention they put into the brewing process. It also showed how the process inspired tradition and the craftsmanship needed to brew the brown drink. Additionally, we wanted to demonstrate who drinks Doppel and for whom it is designed. Doppel was for the brave and the rugged, and that was the impression we intended to convey. We also wanted to demonstrate the dedication and enthusiasm of the drinkers for their profession.

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