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400 kilometers to the southwest of Addis Abeba's city, in the center of the Daro zone's hills, with the lovely lake created by the Gelgel Gibe dam and its group of islands nearby, Halala Kella is a component of the Gebeta Le Hager initiative, which was introduced at the beginning of 2021 by our revered Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

In order to revive the tourism business, which was severely harmed by the 2020 pandemic, the Gebet Le Hager initiative created the Halala Kella project at the beginning of 2021, along with two additional projects. Not only that, but to also rebrand Halala Kella as a top-tier resort or destination to highlight the magnificent Daro Walls, the enormous Gelgel Gebay Dam, Chebera Chercher National Park, the Koasia Hydroelectric Dam under construction, and the culturally vibrant Tsara community named after the rocks that once housed the Daro Kingdom in the 16th century, was among the intentions of the whole project.

Our production team was focused on reflecting similar attributes, from gathering significant and appropriate information to represent the culture and the people as a whole to accentuating the lovely surroundings and dwellings of the Daro people, just as the architecture concept of the Halala Kella resort was centered around respecting the culture and history of the Halala wall. The aerial view of the recently built roads, the cinematic shot of the alluring islands, and the smooth ocean surrounding them. The rich culture of the location is reflected in the culture of the stunning locals as well as the recently built architecture, leaving viewers with a thirst for history that can only be sated by visiting the gorgeous city itself.

The movie-like representation of the Halala Kella attraction is a testament to the unique eye of the videographers and their unmatched skills in telling a beautiful story with imagery. Berry's production team was also able to demonstrate its unmatched ability to capture serene moments with accuracy and precision.

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