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Inspired by M-PESA, the successful counterpart from nearby Kenya, M-Birr, was born into the Ethiopian community in early 2015. Being the first private money transfer company gave the Ethiopian people the convenient financial management system and inclusion they urgently needed. It is still the most popular and user-friendly money transmission service. 

Coming to us seven years ago, the client envisioned a launch that would place them not only in the minds of Ethiopians but also make them accessible on the cell phones of every single person with bills to pay. The insight for the launch was created in light of M- Birr's ideologies upon entering the industry. Hence, we wanted to make the introduction as inclusive as possible, so we focused on every segment of the community that owns and uses a mobile phone. From the bank teller to the office secretary to the farmer working in the field, the company demonstrates its ability to provide simplicity and convenience to all community members, regardless of the sort of mobile phone they own and use. We are confident that our campaign effectively portrays that and our initial goal. As a result, the launch was a success. We were able to showcase our media placement capabilities due to the success of this nationwide launch. 

Considering the client's goal, which was not only launching but also retaining exposure, we needed to think outside the box to meet that necessity. That is when the idea for the big, playful pelican came into action. Similarly, we recall the Disney princesses and associate them with films, and we ignite our memory of our very own Cherry and associate her with the TV show we all knew and adored. It is a well-known truth that lovable cartoon characters capture consumers' attention and stay memorable. We debuted our beloved mascot pelican through a TV commercial in which we paired the pelican with a famous actor from a popular sitcom at the time. 


Under the campaign, "What can you do in 30 seconds", we created a series of three commercials. While creating these TV commercials, our thought process emphasized how much easier people's lives would be if they could accomplish their responsibilities in 30 seconds or less. The TV commercials took an unrealistic, ironic, and even humorous approach to demonstrate that not all of life's tasks can be completed in 30 seconds, but some can be accomplished with the assistance of M-Birr. 

When the new year of 2018 arrived, we were entrusted with continuing M-Birr's exposure, and we met the challenges. As a part of the "ሁሉ በጄ ሁሉ በደጄ" promotion. With this notable campaign, we showed that the things you might need or require during the holiday season are just as good as yours, delivered at the speed you need from the comfort of your own home. 

M-Birr has come a long way since its launch. Today, it's the go-to financial management system in Ethiopia, providing excellent service to millions of people across the country. 

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