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Born of Culture to Share

The malt drink industry is quite in comparison with other beverages in which few brands have established different marketing strategies in an attempt to overcome the competition to become the most beloved one.


Our work with SEN’Q Malt drink started with that premise and the parent company, BGI Ethiopia, was concerned with how to make an impactful marketing campaign to enter the field. It meant that we were tasked with developing a launch campaign that spoke to the brand and the audience in a balanced way.

The conception started 7 months prior to the official launch date in which discussions were initiated on the industry and brand insight provided. Believing in the power of ‘the tagline’, we focused our efforts on crafting copy that accurately portrayed the brand as well as the culture that we were trying to establish. This process took its sweet time. Rightly so, we landed on a word in amharic “እንብላ” that was an open invitation to share blessings (in this case - food stuff) 


Our country is rich in culture and cuisine is no different in which ethnicities and regions from all over have a certain palette they appeal to with their own style. Based on sharing of food and the huge role of motherhood in the preparation of it, we decided to follow an analogy narrative. Just as mothers from all over Ethiopia have concerned themselves with perfecting the food they prepare to share with everyone else, SEN’Q embodies such a spirit. 

We translated this into the development of a multifaceted television commercial, culture- and tagline-centric visuals, and product-focused key assets. With a strong umbrella to hold the campaign under, the project was launched with nationwide reach through distributions of ATL, BTL, and TTL communications. The client’s role was immense in this regard that our combined efforts pushed the belief that the product’s entry was going to be as strong as predicted. 


Our flagship communication was the television commercial in which the reception was highly positive with specific notes of relatability and cultural comprehensiveness being the key comments. We did not stop there. We continued working with the client to run the mainstream adverts by adapting them to the season for sustenance. 

This continued digitally as well with static, GIF, and video visuals developed to push forth the brand’s central messaging. The aim here was to ensure brand salience while sticking to the brand core. We can safely say that we executed a campaign that resonated with the audience as precisely as the brand’s name suggested. SEN’Q - A Traditional Meal Prepared for Journeys to Ensure Nutrition and Sustenance. 


Engagement on digital platforms was expanded from there on to discuss various aspects of the brand, one of which was the nutritious ingredients that it was packed with. We jumped into the world of food making while incorporating these ingredients to make sure that various touch points were addressed.

Digitally, the reception was a sign of what we exactly have achieved as we keep working on the brand and client to produce brand-centric, current, and seasonal communications:

bilboard mockupsenq.jpg
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