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Siinqee started out as a credit and saving union, more than 25 years ago, with a mission of standing up for people and the communities that make up the nation of Ethiopia. The institution was founded upon the inspiration of the ‘Haadha Siinqee’, women of the community that serve as the symbols of empowerment, reconciliation, and togetherness.

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As the union transformed to become a bank, the brand established was merely a logo and a name that did not match the brand’s full potential. With the client coming to us for a unison and strengthened brand identity and system, we were tasked with exploring the cultural and social nuances that elevate the brand to the necessary positioning.


From there, a team of senior personnel set out to the communities that the conception and practice of ‘Haadha Siinqee’ took place. This was done in order to have a strong research foundation for the strategic bedrock within this rebranding venture.

This led to the principle of two’s in forming the bridge between the banking sector and Siinqee. The bond formed between those who are empowered and the facilitators of change is a unique one - one that can change the lives of so many. That is where we found our strategy to lay the path ahead for the creative identity of Siinqee Bank.

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The duo relationship lay the way for the iconography that would be at the heart of our rebranding direction. We made sure to integrate different aspects of society’s hardships and success within the different versions developed. That gave way to the face of the new and improved Siinqee Bank identity - its logo, typography, and tagline.

From there, creating and crafting visually appealing assets worthy of the brand followed.

Once the rebranding was delivered, we looked to launch the new and invigorated brand through an ATL Campaign that communicated and back it all up. We looked to a national icon to stand as an ambassador of Siinqee Bank as she represented the setbacks and triumphs a person could face as part of communities that make up Ethiopia as a whole.

The television commercial followed the story of Derartu Tulu, our decorated and Athletics Champion, throughout her story arc - as the Haadha Siinqee’s are there by her side, ALWAYS. That represented the bank positioning in the relationship between the bank and the customers - as a symbol of empowerment, uplifting, and development.

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